Cervical liposuction is clinically one of the most-rewarding procedures in aesthetic surgery. With a short, low-risk and relatively inexpensive procedure, Cedar Valley ASCENT and performing surgeon Dr. Congdon assists patients in Waterloo and Cedar Falls, Iowa and throughout the Cedar Valley in achieving a dramatic change in their appearance. The procedure is not time-consuming or highly invasive and it yields lasting results in the form of fat reduction and involves a relatively short recovery time. With cervical liposuction, you can achieve the defined look you want.

Cervical Liposuction

Cervical liposuction is removal of the fat in the anterior neck or chin area to reduce the volume and appearance of a “double chin.” This can help create a more-clearly defined jawline and the procedure is defined by the patient’s desired aesthetic outcome. With a few small incisions near the chin or behind the ears of the patient, the surgeon removes excess fat through a liposuction tool and forms a distinct chin and neck in the surgical area. A post-operation chinstrap is worn for a few days, after which the patient can resume work within one week and normal activities within another week, with any bruising or inflammation to recede within this time period.

Is cervical liposuction right for you?

With cervical liposuction, the chin or neckline is redefined, creating a more balanced profile throughout your entire face. Cervical liposuction is a safe, effective procedure performed to restore a balanced proportion and a younger appearance. Despite the permanent removal of this underlying fat, sagging skin may still be present after this procedure, making it more common among patients in their 20s-50s in age with generally tighter skin. For an idea of how you may look after cervical liposuction, we can take your photograph with our specialized imaging system