Your ability to hear is personal to you, and assisting or improving your hearing requires a personalized solution. That’s why Cedar Valley ASCENT, led by hearing specialist Sieon Kim, Doctor of Audiology, offers comprehensive evaluations for patients of all ages, including hearing loss prevention, hearing loss assessment and specialized testing for young children. A huge advantage for the Center for Hearing is that if a medical situation arises, our ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist, Dr. David J. Congdon, is in-house and can be consulted on your case.

Sieon Kim, Doctor of Audiology

  • Comprehensive hearing evaluation for adults and children
  • Individualized hearing aid selection from leading hearing aid brands with latest technologies (rechargeable, smartphone compatible, fall alert, etc)
    • ReSound®
    • Widex®
    • Starkey®
    • Phonak®
  • Customized hearing aid fitting and programming using Real Ear Measurement
  • 60-day trial period to guarantee satisfaction
  • Warranties up to 3 years
  • Exceptional follow-up services, maintenance and repair
  • Hearing Assistive Technology, such as TV streamer, remote microphone, CaptionCall®
  • Custom swim molds, ear plugs and hearing protection devices