Balloon sinuplasty (BSP) is a revolutionary procedure that can dramatically improve everyday life for sinusitis sufferers. Cedar Valley ASCENT has offices in Waterloo, Cedar Falls, Waverly, Independence and Grundy Center and Dr. David J. Congdon perform balloon sinuplasty through an in-office, noninvasive procedure that can provide lasting relief with little downtime.

After the patient receives general or local anesthesia (depending on whether the procedure is in-office), the balloon sinuplasty procedure begins with his or her inflamed sinuses being opened in the same way that heart surgeons open up blocked arteries during heart surgery. Without the use of surgical incisions or the removal of tissue and bone, the operating surgeon guides an instrument equipped with a small balloon into the nasal cavity through the nostril, inflating it upon reaching the blocked sinus area. This inflation causes the surrounding sinus passage to expand and this airway remains enlarged after the device is deflated and removed, allowing consistent sinus air movement and drainage.

Most balloon sinuplasty patients experience minimal bruising, as well as reduced pain, swelling, and blood loss and a decrease in likelihood of infection, as compared to conventional sinus surgery, which generally involves the removal of bone and tissue or the making of a surgical incision, in order to access blocked sinuses. Balloon sinuplasty is less invasive than this traditional procedure and it does not require sinus packing, which is done temporarily after conventional sinus surgery to promote fluid absorption and the maintenance of tissue opening. Removing the sinus packing at subsequent appointments can be painful and the post-surgery care steps for conventional sinus surgery, such as not sneezing and ensuring you breathe only through your mouth, can be complicated. Thankfully, balloon sinuplasty offers a safe, effective way to treat sinusitis and avoid the additional recovery associated with conventional sinus surgery.

Best of all, balloon sinuplasty allows patients to return to normal activities within 24 hours of surgery with minimal downtime. The best candidates for balloon sinuplasty are long-term sinusitis sufferers with an established diagnosis who are not responding well to medication, such as antibiotics, as well as those with persistent headaches, difficulty breathing through their noses and chronic bad breath or nasal problems.

Cedar Valley ASECENT and otolaryngologist and breathing specialist Dr. David J. Congdon offer a relaxing, comfortable environment for your balloon sinuplasty procedure (as opposed to a hospital setting), allowing some patients to experience lower out-of-pocket costs as compared to hospital-based surgeries. With more than 150,000 patients having been treated successfully with balloon sinuplasty since 2005 and a 95% satisfaction rate, balloon sinuplasty can help you achieve lasting relief from sinusitis, healthier breathing and a better quality of life!