Advanced technology for hearing loss has arrived at the Cedar Valley Center for Hearing with devices like the GN ReSound Linx, recently featured in the New York Times.

In the article, Farhad Manjoo reports how improvements in bionic technology have resulted in major improvements in hearing. Synched with your iPhone, you can adjust the hearing device based on the environment you are in. Swipe it to “Restaurant Mode” on your phone, and the setting will amplify sound coming from the hearing aid’s forward-facing microphones, reducing background noise. A tap on the phone to the left lets you focus in on hearing the person sitting to your left. Put to the test, one user was amazed, stating, “After a few adjustments, I was having a comfortable conversation in a nightclub.”

The next generations of advanced hearing aids stream phone calls and music directly to your ears from your phone. Your phone can even recognize when you entered your favorite sports bar, and adjusts the devices to that environment.

Manjoo states he was floored when he tried out the new devices. “…(it) was like giving my ears a software upgrade. For the first time, I had fine-grain control over my acoustic environment, the sort of bionic capability I never realized I had craved … these new devices are fantastically tiny and attractive … when set behind your ears, they’re virtually invisible.”

For more information on bionic technology for hearing devices, read the full New York Times article.

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